Data Lineage Overview

Lineage makes data meaningful. It maps relationships between data points to show how data moves from source to destination and show complete end-to-end lineage visualization of data assets. Lineage detail page can be accessed from the lineage section on the ref page.


Impact Analysis:

Impact analysis shows how the data flow further from the selection point to the end point the data.


Backward Lineage:

Backward lineage shows from where the source data is pulled till the starting point of Data. 


Bi-Directional Lineage:

It shows lineage in the context of the selected node.  Bi-directional lineage shows the overall flow of data from the start till the end of the flow and with both forward and backward lineages.


View Insights info:

View insights info shows the following details about each node in the lineage.

  • Record Count
  • Last refreshed on
  • Prominent Tags


View Drill Down Info:

Drill down info shows more detail and granular view for Tables, datasets and reports. Drill down view shows the linking of Columns, fields, and pages.


Share Lineage:

Lineage can be shared with the user and an email will be received containing shared lineage link. 

Note: User can share lineage with himself using the following keyword: 

  • Me
  • Mine
  • Self



Users can copy the link of lineage and share the link with dvsum user.


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