How to install & use Dvsum Desktop Application

Dvsum windows search assistant allows users to search any selected text from ( outlook, Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, Browser, pdf, TextPad, etc )  and search results will be shown against the selected keyword in the desktop application with a single click. 

Desktop Application has 3 modes:

Tray mode: The desktop application icon is available in the windows tray. Users can interact with the application by right-clicking on the Application icon. 

Floater mode: The desktop application icon is available on the Windows desktop, search results will be shown with a single click by selecting a keyword and clicking on the application icon.

Display mode: Search results will be shown in the Display mode of a desktop application.

Follow the steps below to install the application and get started:

Install Dvsum Desktop Application

Step 1: Click Here to download the installer for the Dvsum desktop application.

Step 2: To start the installation process, double-click on the downloaded executable file Dvsum Windows Search Assistant.exe.

The welcome window will be shown on the screen. Click on the Next button 



Step 3: The next screen will be of the destination folder location, so choose the drive which will have sufficient memory space for installation. Dvsum Application will require memory space of  237 MBs. To change the Destination folder, Click on the Browse button and select your desired folder.

Then Click on the Next Button to begin the installation. 



Step 4: Click on Install Button and installation will start for the Desktop application. The installation process will be completed in a few seconds.  After installation is completed, the Dvsum Search Assistant folder will be created at the location specified in Step 3.




Step 5: Now the Success screen will be shown for the installer. Click on Finish to exit the installation process and the application will be launched automatically.  Application shortcut will be created on the desktop as well.

Note: For Quick Tour of Windows Search Assistant, click on the hyperlink Click Here.



Step 6: The user can search for the Dvsum Windows application using the Windows Start menu and the application can be started by clicking on the Application name.



Step 7: When the application is launched, Welcome Screen will be displayed, User has Login to the application with valid credentials


  • Users can create a new Account by clicking on Sign-up, then the user will be redirected to the Website for account creation. 





  • After the successful Login, the Search screen will be shown to the user and the user can start searching. 



Step 8: Select any text from your computer (Outlook, Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, Browser, pdf, TextPad, etc) and left-click on the floater icon. Search results will be displayed against the selected keyword.


Right-click on the Floater mode icon and two options will appear:

  • Search

          It will open the Display mode of the DvSum Desktop Application.

  • Hide

          It will Hide the Floater icon from the Windows Desktop screen




Right-click on the Tray mode icon, Following options will appear:

  • Search

          It will open both Floater and display mode on the screen.

  • Help

          It will redirect to the Dvsum Help Center Page

  • Settings

          It will redirect to the DvSum Home page.

  • Sign out

          It will logout the user from the Dvsum desktop Application

  • Quit

          Click on Quit, DvSum Desktop Application will get close




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