Supported Connectors

The DvSum Edge Gateway is a lightweight J2EE compliant service that connects the data sources and generates information used in the DvSum processes. The connector is a unified service that encapsulates native data connection drivers (e.g., JDBC, ODBC, SAP JCo, etc.), scheduler, connection routing, security, and a server that handles requests. A single connector is required across the entire enterprise with the ability to service multiple data sources and users.

DvSum can connect to 150+ data sources types, including enterprise applications, SaaS applications, on-premises databases, cloud databases, data lakes, and files in shared drives. If the data source supports write capabilities from an external application, DvSum can also write back cleansed data back to the source without needing a separate data integration.

The attached document lists all the available data sources that DvSum can connect to. If your application is not listed here, we can build a connector to your application, as long as your application supports external application access through JDBC or ODBC Connectivity.


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