Automated Data Extraction of Rules Using REST API


Now user will be able to export rules data directly with in power BI report from Analyze rules page. Let's get started step by step. 


Manage Account 

Step 1 : In the manage account, go to application Security Tab. A new section has been added to generate the API key on account level.

Step 2: From owner account, generate API key from DvSum application UI.

By default there will be no key available, first time owner have to generate the key that will be used in headers to call REST API


Step 3: To get the rules information, user have to put view name at the end of REST API URL. For that, copy the view name from Analyze rules page and put it after name in the HTTPS request header.
Example: Rules

Step 4: Provide key in request headers as x-api-key : key (paste here copied key value)



Step 5: Once the key generated successfully, on UI there will be option appear for Rekey, Using that owner can change the API key on account level. 

Key generated in owner's account should be same as key used in postman for calling the REST API. 


User will be notified that by generating new key, already existing key will be deleted. That new key should be replaced with old one in postman to call the REST API. 


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