How can I setup Service account?



Process to setup 


In order to setup service account from scratch, please follow below process/steps.

  1. Open GCP Console 
  2. Choose Project or Create Project 

          Follow these steps to create new project.  
               a. Provide Project info and click Create. 
               b. Select the newly created project. 

     3. In Header Search “Service Account” 



   4. Once open click “Create Service Account” and provide details 

       a. Service Account Name -> This is name for display     
       b. Service account which looks like email -> This is actual account id 
       c. Provide description if needed, this is optional field 
       d. Click “Create and Continue” 
       e. In Role Selection, choose a BigQuery role which suites your requirements

   f. Click Done, no need for further information 

5. Now you will see the newly created account in Service Account Listing

6. Select actions button for the service account and choose “Manage Keys” 


7. Click Add Key and choose Create New Key 


8. Select JSON and click Create. 

9. A file will be downloaded, keep this file SAFE and at SECURE location as this is a credentials file which will be used to connect with Google Big Query from DvSum application. 

10. Service Account creation is completed. 

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