Advanced Dashboards


Dashboard Main Page: 

When a user has a default Dashboard, then upon landing on main dashboard page, the default dashboard will be shown.


  • When a user creates an account for first time, by default, Advanced dashboard option will be enabled in user profile
  • If a user has more than 1 default dashboard then the first default dashboard will be selected and displayed
  • User can switch the dashboard from the list of shared default dashboards
  • When a user switches the dashboard, this newly selected dashboard will be set as default dashboard of the user.


User Groups in Share Dashboard

Now, in sharing feature of Dashboard, you will be able to add "User Groups/Users" as well as shown below; 



User Groups in Create/Edit Dashboard 

User will be able to share a dashboard with user groups and specific users as well from here. For admins/owners, when creating/editing dashboard, a checkbox will be shown to mark the dashboard as default as shown below:




  • Only admin/owner user will be able to make a dashboard as default
  • There can be no more than one default dashboard for one user group


Add New User: 

  • If a new user is added from manage user and some group(s) are assigned to the user then the default dashboard(s) of groups will be assigned as default dashboard of the user.
  • If the user is not a part of any group then no default dashboard will be set.

Add New User in User Groups: 

  • When a new user is made part of the group, the default dashboard(s) of groups will be assigned as default dashboard of the user


Email and Bell Icon Notification On Sharing Dashboard 

Upon sharing a dashboard, user(s) will be notified via Email as well as by bell icon notification as shown below;





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