Glossary Governance View


Now user will be able to create view(s) on Glossary term detail page as per specified criteria. Let's start looking into this. 

Create View 

Select Terms option from left menu. User will land on Glossary term detail page. Default glossary governance view will be displayed. Select the option to create a view of your own choice. Once detailed create view page is displayed:

  • provide name
  • select column
  • specify criteria
  • select Share option with Users or User Groups 




Share/Edit/Delete/Favorite View

On saving changes, the created view will displayed. Also, the Favorite, Share, Edit, Delete buttons will get enabled as shown below; 




Default Glossary Governance View 

Default glossary view will be displayed as soon as user lands on this page. All the default column fields in the grid view will be shown. 



  • User will not be able to "Share", mark "Favorite", "Delete" or "Edit" the default view. These buttons will remain disabled. 
  • User will only be able to clone the default view 
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