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DvSum allows users to search across the Business Glossary along with all other data assets like tables, columns, and reports. Additionally, a quick search may be performed on just the glossary terms. 

Global Search

Step 1  On DvSum application landing page, there is a search box on top from where user can search any term across Glossary. For instance; user searches a category name from glossary here. Copy and paste that key word in the search box. The results will start showing in the drop down list instantly. As you can see, in the drop down list, Category Name to which the key word belongs to will be showing. Like wise in such a way, any terminology user searches here, it will fetch and show all the possible matches here anywhere from business glossary. Following is the search criteria based on which it will be done; 

  • Category Name 
  • Term Name
  • Term Type
  • Functional Description 
  • Technical Description 
  • Term source 
  • Measure Type
  • Term Group
  • Associated Terms
  • Roles
  • Data Policy 



Step 2   Now, if user clicks "View all results" OR even if hits enter in the search box, it will open the detailed Term Listing page where all possible related results to searched key word anywhere in Glossary will be displaying. Also, the key word will be highlighted which will make it easier for user to look for the section quickly as shown below; 






Step 3  If user clicks one of the results showing in the drop down list, it will open up the Terms Detail page as shown; 






Local Search

On the Glossary Terms detail page, the local search is implemented following the same principle as global search. For example if user searches any key word that does not need to belong to the attributes given in the grid/column fields, it will search, fetch and display all the possible related results. For instance; user searches key word "Selling" and it will fetch the records that will have this key word exists in it. On clicking the searched result, it will open up a new tab where detailed Term page will be displayed. 




Export Terms 

A user can export the terms in xlsx format. Click on the Export icon in the toolbar to download the file. 


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