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Previously, there was no such functionality like clone rules, user had to create the rule manually each time. But now user will be able to create a rule like an existing rule with minor modifications and assign it to another user. To achieve this, he must create a new rule with similar properties manually. This will reduce the manual work and user can create rule quickly by using clone functionality. In order to know more about this functionality, follow the steps below. 

Cloning From Manage Rules Page

Single Rule Cloning 

Steps 1 : Go to manage rules and select any rule. Click on More Options on top and from the drop down, select Clone Rule as shown below: 



Step 2 : User will be directed to Clone Rule detail page. On top, you will see prefix and all the clone properties. All these properties will be inherited by default. User can un-select any property by their will. A target source which user can set for the cloned rule. By default it will be same as Current source but can be changed to any other source as well as shown below: 


Step 3 : Now, let's suppose user selects a different target source for this rule and hit the Clone button as shown below: 



Step 4: Upon cloning the rule, user will be directed to Clone Summary detail page. In the grid below, Rule ID, Cloned Rule new ID which will remain blank in case of failed cloning, From source: by default source of rule, To source: on which rule has been cloned, Status: successfully cloned or failed, Remarks: in case if cloned is unsuccessful then in this section remarks will be shown and lastly description. On top right corner, you will a Download Summary button in order to download a report of this screen as shown below: 



Multiple Rules Cloning From Different Sources

Step 5: Now, in case user selects multiple rules that belongs to different sources. Same step 1 will be performed. Upon redirecting to clone detail page, you will see prefix, all the clone properties and down below a target sources. In case of multiple rule sources, there will be From Source and To Source option. By default To Source will be same as From source which user can change it later as shown below: 




Step 6: On Clone summary detail page, you will see how many got error out and got successful as shown below: 


Multiple Rules With Same Source 


Step 7:  Select rules that belong to same source. Select clone option as shown below:



You will see the same screen as previous except now since rules belong to same source so there will be only one target source. User can change the target source as well. Click the clone button as shown below:



You will see the two rules are cloned successfully and their detail as shown below: 


A rule that has been cloned can be treated differently from the original(parent) rule on which cloning was done. Meaning that, there will be no effect of configuration made in clone rule on parent rule. 


Cloning From Rule Detail Page


Step 8: Select any rule and go to its detail page where you will see a Clone Rule button on top right side as shown below: 


Step 9: On clicking the Clone button, you will be directed to clone detail page. Over all, the information remains same except for this particular flow, we will show target table on which rule was created. User can change target source and target table. 



Step 10:  User selects a different target table to clone this rule on, in case there's any issue with that target table, user will be notified before it is being cloned. Lets say if data types mismatch between source and target table, table structure mismatch vice versa. There can be multiple type of errors about which user will be notified earlier as shown below: 




Step 11: Once user clones the rule, it will take user back to rule detail page of rule on which cloning was done. Also, on top glitter message/ confirmation message will be displayed that will show the new cloned rule ID. On clicking the ID, it will open the detail page in new tab as shown below: 






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