Schedule Cataloging

The article below explains how users can schedule the cataloging process. Let's get started.

Catalog Scheduling

Step 1 :

Go to Administration -> Manage Sources

Choose a source and click the "Schedule Cataloging" button as shown below:

Note: The scheduler catalog is applicable to SAWS version 2.4 and above.


The user will be directed to the Schedule page as shown below. The scheduler operates in the same manner as it does in the Dvsum tool. 



Step 2 :

If you schedule a job and view the details in the Scheduler section, you'll notice a newly introduced Catalog icon. When hovered over, it displays as "Cataloging," as shown below:



Schedule Cataloging Email Notification 

Step 3: 

To customize the notification frequency or enable/disable scheduled cataloging notifications, visit your User profile. Click on Email Notification, then scroll down to find the "Scheduled Cataloging Email Notification" option, as shown below:

Note: By default, this option will be enabled. 





Step 4:

After scheduling a Catalog, the user will receive an email according to the set email frequency. Below is the template for the email:



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