Who are Watchers and how to add them in a workflow ?

Any user in DvSum, who is not participating in a workflow execution can be added as a "watcher". A watcher receives all emails of an execution to monitor the WF activity. It could be multiple users or even User Groups.

You can also add non-registered users as watchers too. These are added as External Users in DvSum application. External Users cannot participate or log on to DvSum. They will only receive all workflow execution emails to keep them informed about the progress of WF.

Watchers can be added from 2 pages;

1. Add Watchers while creating a Workflow

When you create a new WF from Manage Workflows, you can see the section for watchers at the bottom of page.



2. Add Watchers from Workflow Execution

Watchers can also be added from Watchers tab on WF execution detail page. “Users and Groups” section will show DvSum users and the groups.


“External User” section will allow you to add non-registered users as watchers. Note that their email domains should be white-listed before adding them.

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