How to appoint an Approver for Validation Task in a workflow?

The mandatory step in rule validation can sometimes cause hardstop in workflow execution. In some cases, it may be acceptable to have exceptions for rule and a user may want to be able to over-ride the failed and mark the validation step as complete and continue the workflow.

For this purpose, we have introduced "Approvers" in workflow. Their primary role is to review the activity of the validation step and decide whether they disapprove the fixes or allow the step to be marked as complete (even thought it failed) and it will allow the workflow to move forward.

Adding an Approver in Workflow

You can add approvers while creating a workflow. It can either be a single user or a group. They can be added or edited at the Step level as well. 

Note: Approvers can be appointed only for mandatory Validation Tasks.



Once you execute the Validation step and it fails, you can fix as much exceptions as required and then send the step for approval. 



The approver will receive an email informing him/her about the validation tasking being pending his approval. He can decide to approve or reject the task. If approver approves, the validation task is marked as complete and the workflow can move forward. If the approver rejects, the workflow reverts.




When user approves the task, it will be marked as complete and WF moves forward


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