How to add new attributes or columns in the New Article Workflow template?

Important Notes

  •  DO NOT change the format/headers on the template. Only add any new columns/tabs.
  •  Take a back-up of the properties file from the server and save it. (to recover the file in case of any mistakes)
    • Filename: New_Article_Template_v2_preProcess
    • Location on C:\dvsum\datafiles\ExcelPreProcessProps


  1. Get the new template. Make sure the header names match the original template. ( C:\dvsum\datafiles\New_Article_template_v2.xlsx)
  2. Rename the new template to New_Article_Template_v2.xlsx and save.
  3. Login to DvSum.
  4. Click on File upload from left navigation pane.
  5. Select Articles folder.
  6. Upload the new template xlsx.
  7. Wait until it finishes pre-processing.


8. The next step is to check the properties file. This can be done in 2 ways

  • Login to using your windows ID / password and go to C:\dvsum\datafiles\ExcelPreProcessProps.
  • Search for the new attribute that was created. (e.g. “Element which is 0038 in SAP Attributes). Then find “Element”.
  • Right click and open new_article_template_v2_preProcess file in textpad.
  • Change the modified Name field to “A0038_Element”. This is just to make the attributes more friendly for code readers and for description readers.
  • To update the data type of newly added column, change the data type in, for e.g. explicitly mentioning data type as string. First make sure to create a backup of file.
  • Then, in the original change data type "object" to "str".
  • Save the file.


  • From the DvSum ‘File Upload’ screen, click on ‘Properties File’.


  • The file opens in a pop-up. Check for the new attribute (ctrl+f, ctrl+g to find ‘next’, ‘ctrl+g+shft’ to find ‘previous’). Change the modified field name as in 7.d above. Click Save. On saving, it would validate the preprocess file to make sure the latest changes have not errored it.


9. Go back to DvSum screen from your computer.

10. To add new column in DvSum catalog, open Administration à Manage Sources. Select New Article SS Init Source and Click ‘Edit Source’.


 11. In the next page, click on Configure.


12. Check all excel tabs in left pane. Make sure to check the field names if everything looks correct.


13. Click on ‘Edit’ on the top right corner and add any newly added columns.

14. Profile your source. Now, the new column is added to your source and is ready to be used in DvSum.

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