How can I send Scheduler job emails to other users?

When a job is scheduled, sometimes it is required to send email alerts containing summary of rule execution to multiple users. These users may or may not exist in DvSum. 

Schedule a rule, you will see the option to send the email to Internal Recipients, Groups or External Recipients. This option is available for On demand scheduling, schedule for later and Generate Script.

Internal Recipients - Users signed up on DvSum application

Recipient Groups - Group of DvSum users from Administration > Manage Groups page

External Recipients - Users not signed up on DvSum but added as external users from Administration > Manage Users > External tab

For detailed help, read our article on How to add External Users as Recipients?


Note: Email is addressed to the person who creates the schedule and a carbon-copy is sent to all other users. This way it is easy for recipients to communicate on the same email thread.

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