Workflow Digest Emails


If you have turned on Workflow Email Digest from User profile for Daily or weekly, you will receive email with following information.

There are 2 sections in this email; Execution and Step summary will contain information of last 24 hours or last week depending on the setting you chose.

Workflow Execution Summary

  1. Initiated Execution(s) - Executions that just launched
  2. In-Progress Execution(s) - Currently taking place executions in which you are involved
  3. Completed Execution(s) - Completed and closed by the day (or week)
  4. Canceled Execution(s) - Terminated executions 

Workflow Step Summary

  1. Submitted Step(s) - Steps which were completed by you today (or in current week)
  2. Open/In-Progress Step(s) Steps which you are working on or have yet to work on
  3. Re-assigned Step(s) - Steps re-assigned to you.
  4. Rejected Step(s) - When an execution is rejected and a Step is assigned back to you.

Note: If there is no information regarding any steps or executions, you will not see the table. For example, if no steps were Re-assigned to you then this section will not appear. 


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