How to Install Python service for Excel, Excel in Memory Source?

Note: This is a part of SAWS installation. If your SAWS is already running, uninstall it and follow the steps below

To download and install python with its libraries, please make sure you follow all the steps below.

****************Python Installation****************

1 Go to

2  From "Files" section, install the executable file according to your operating system. (e.g. for windows 64 bit, install Windows x86-64 executable installer)


3 Right click and run as administrator the exe file.

4 Select the checkbox "Add Python 3.7 to PATH"

5 Click on "customize installation"

6 Select check box "Install for all users"

Click on Browse and select driectory accessible to all users i.e "C:/Program Files/Python" for python installation and Click on install

This will install Python on your system.


****************Python Libraries****************

1. To install python libraries, go to command prompt (Type "Cmd" on run, make sure to run cmd as administrator)
2. Type pip install pandas, press Enter.
3. Type pip install XlsxWriter, press Enter.
4. Type pip install xlrd, press Enter.
5. Type pip install Flask, press Enter.
6. Type pip install SQLAlchemy, press Enter.

This will install required Python libraries on your system.


Now go to SAWS folder on your machine and click on saws_service_install. Run it as an administrator. This will install webservice and you will be able to see DvSum Python Service running in your machine along with SAWS.


Note: This python service is required to avail features like excel preprocessing and for Excel in memory source.

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