SAWS 101: From Installation to Running as a Service


Steps Description How to
Step 1 (Pre-requisite) Check and Install Java 7

1. Open cmd and type "java -version". Upon hitting Enter, this should give Java version installed on console.

2. If Java is not installed, Download and Install java 7_u79 jdk

 Note: Java7 is required for EXCEL source only. For other sources, latest Java version can be used.

Step 2 (Required for EXCEL/EXCEL in memory only) Install Python

1. Install Python
2. From "Files" section, download the executable file according to your operating system. (e.g. for windows 64 bit, install Windows x86-64 executable installer)
3. Double-click the exe file.
4. Select the checkbox "Add Python 3.7 to PATH"
5. Click on "customize installation"
6. Click next check "install for all users"
7. Click install

This will install Python on your system.

Install Python libraries

1. To install python libraries, go to command prompt (Type "Cmd" on run)
2. Type "pip install pandas", press Enter.
3. Type "pip install numpy" , press Enter.
3. Type "pip install XlsxWriter", press Enter.
4. Type "pip install xlrd", press Enter.

5. Type pip install Flask, press Enter.
6. Type pip install SQLAlchemy, press Enter.

This will install required Python libraries on your system.

Step 3 (Required for EXCEL only ) Install Microsoft Access database Engine 2010

If 64 bit java is installed on system make sure to install 64 bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010
If 32 bit java is installed on system make sure to install 32 bit Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010

1. Go to and download Microsoft Access Database Engine exe file.

For more details, How to Configure EXCEL/CSV?

Step 4  Download SAWS from DvSum

1. Go to
2. Go to Administration -> Manage Account -> SAWS tab -> "Download Webservice"
3. Unzip the webservice contents in a folder.

This folder will be the webservice root directory.

Step 5 Update file with api.token

1. Go to Administration -> Manage Account -> SAWS tab -> copy communication key
2. Paste this communication key in file infront of api.token

("" file is present in webservice root directory)

For details, Add and Install SAWS as a service

Step 6 Install Dvsum connector

1. Go to downloaded webservice root directory
2. Right click "saws_service_install.bat" run as administrator.

This will install three windows services


Step 7 SAWS public IP whitelisting

In order to establish communication channel between SAWS and DvSum Web App, SAWS public IP should be white-listed on Dvsum WebApp

1. Go to Administration -> Manage Account -> Data Security -> scroll to bottom, locate IP Address input field and type SAWS public IP. Press Add.

Step 8

Add SAWS exception to your browser (Chrome, firefox etc)


1. go to DvSum homepage and click on SAWS icon on top right corner (Red cloud)

2. This will open a window asking you to add an exception for SAWS

It will take you to the web-service page which will warn you of connection not being private.

3. Click on “Show me advanced options” ->“Proceed to <<IP>>”.  This is an internal company connection and it is fully secure.

For more details, Why do I need to Add exception?

Step 9 (Required for SAP only)


Copy SAP DLLS to c:/windows/system32

1. Go to webservice root directory ==> Sap Dependencies folder
For 32-bit operating system put 32-bit sapjco3.dll in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32
For 64-bit operating system put 64-bit sapjco3.dll in c:\windows or c:\windows\system32

2. make sure folder address where dll has been pasted is added to system path variable i.e
right click (my computer or Computer or this PC) --> Properties --> Advanced System Settings --> Environment Variables --> find 'path' in System Variables.

If c:\windows and c:\windows\system32 is added in path leave as it is otherwise add following String in the begining of path c:\windows;c:\windows\system32;


Network Configurations 

IF SAWS is installed on a server where outside access is restricted to specific URLs , in that case we need to whitelist following addresses on network so that saws can communicate over the network to dvsum web app


3) In order to access SAWS from DvSum Web App, Contact SAWS Server System Administrator to open the configured port on Firewall/Network level. This port is mentioned in the file (Step 5). By default it is set to 8183.


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