Can I add users outside DvSum as "Watchers" in Workflow execution or as "External Recipients" in Scheduler?

DvSum cares about the privacy of your enterprise data. Sometimes it is required for an external user to be given access to view the activity of Workflow Execution as a Watcher. Similarly, you may want to send scheduler email with rule report to a person in your organization which may not be a part of DvSum.

In order to do that, you need to first white-list the email domain and add external user by email. Note that, External users will not be able to log into DvSum application. They cant participate in execution of Workflow or rules. They will only receive Emails to watch over the workflow activity or downloadable report of rules.


1. White-list External Domain

From Administration > Manage Account > User Security tab, go to the External Domains section. This allows you to control which email domains can be added for sending out emails to the non-registered users.

By default, existing list will contain the domain by which the user registers account on DvSum.



2. Add External User as Watcher in Workflow

There are 2 pages from where you can add watchers in a workflow. 

1. Create Workflow 

From Manage Workflows > Create Workflow, you can add internal or external users as watchers.


2. Workflow Execution

On the detail page of a workflow execution, go to Watchers tab. At the bottom, there is a section for External user. Add an email address (whose domain has been white-listed). You can add multiple external watchers by clicking on edit pen.

By default, watchers will receive notification for the completion of the workflow with the information that was entered in the description of the workflow execution. You can change the settings in the workflow designer to send all notification to all watchers. 

3. Add External Users as Scheduler email recipients

Schedule a rule, you will see the option to send the email to Internal Recipients, Groups or External Recipients. This option is available for on demand scheduling, schedule for later and for running via Script.

Internal Recipients - Users signed up on DvSum application

Recipient Groups - Group of DvSum users from Administration > Manage Groups page

External Recipients - Users not signed up on DvSum but added as external users from Administration > Manage Users > External tab or directly from scheduler dialogue. 

Tip: Enter email address of whitelisted domain and it will automatically add the external user on manage users > external tab



Note: Email is addressed to the person who creates the schedule and a carbon-copy is sent to all other users. This way it is easy for recipients to communicate on the same email thread.


4. Manage External Users

You can manage the external users from Administration > Manage Users > External tab. Here the list of all added external users will appear. 

You have the control to add more or delete the external users from DvSum.


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