Data Format Rule

Data Format rule is helpful to check for data types of input data, length, pattern of data and whether a number field is whole number or integer or decimal.

Example: a basic test to identify exception records within an EXCEL dataset where a specific column does not match with required data format. In Data Format, you can specify Data type(String or Number), character length(minimum and maximum column width), numeric precision(for numbers in decimals) and whether white spaces are allowed or not.

This rule is available as an independent rule in Manage Rules as well as part of the Rule Set (including blanks, value range and now data format rules)

 This rule created on column SIZE_DIM will bring exception records where field values are less than 5 or greater than 15 characters.

Similarly, for number fields, you can choose data type to be decimal, whole numbers or integers.

For the column WEIGHT, values with decimal precision more than 1 will be considered exceptions. Like other exception rules, you can cleanse and write-back fixes to excel source.

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