How to add a Orphan Records check between 2 datasets

If you want to check if records exist in 1 dataset or table and do not exist in another dataset or table, you can use the Orphan Records or Orphan Keys rules in DvSum. Below are step by step instructions.


Step 1. Login to DvSum and navigate to Audit --> Manage Rules



Step 2. Click on Add Rule and Select Foundational Category and Orphan Records



Step 3: In the Rules Wizard, enter a description. Then fill in the Basic Input section with source , table and columns in the table you want to find orphan records in.



Step 4: Fill in the Reference input with source, table, columns that you want to check against. Note that if the column names are same between the 2, the system will automatically select those columns. You can ofcourse change themSNAG-0050.jpg

Step 5: Save the rule. The rule page will open up. Press Run to execute and test the rule


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