DvSum export options for reports


DvSum supports export report capability for the following:


1. Dashboard (Views)

You can create customized dashboard with different criteria and filters. These dashboards appear in the drop down list. Here's how to proceed:

  • Select the dashboard you want to export
  • Click on export icon
  • An excel file consisting the data of all the widgets present in the selected dashboard will be downloaded on your computer


2. Audits (All rules)

To download the list of created rules, navigate to Manage Rules > More Actions > Export Rules.



3. Analyze Rules (Views)

You can create customized view of rules as follows:

  • Navigate to Review > Analyze Rules page.
  • From "Analyze Rules" drop down, click on "Create View".
  • Here you can apply specific criteria and choose columns to appear in a view. 



Once the view is created, it appears in the drop-down list.

Select the view and click on "Export Results". An excel report of the selected view will be downloaded. 



4. Exceptions report

Whenever a rule is executed and there are exceptions, DvSum generates an exception report which can be downloaded from the rule detail page. Go to Analysis tab and click on "Export".



5. Glossary Categories 

Glossary category export downloads all the terms within that category. You can download multiple categories at a time. From Manage Categories page, click on "Export Results"



6. Assessment Report

DvSum provides the GDPR assessment report. You can take the survey and create a data model required to generate the assessment report

Go to assessment report detail page. The "Download PDF" option will download the report.


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