What is Import Glossary and how can I import Terms?

Import Glossary allows you to add terms to DvSum Glossary in bulk. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to help you out.

Step 1: Download the "Glossary Template" from Import Glossary tab.


Step 2: Open the Excel file that is downloaded and add terms with their details. You must specify the term name, functional description and term category otherwise the term will be considered invalid.


Step 3: Upload the "Glossary Template" in the upload section of this page and choose any of the merge options.

Skip - This option skips invalid terms and already added terms in DvSum Glossary. 

Overwrite - If you want to replace the existing terms with new data, choose this option. 

Clone - If you prefer keeping old terms and new terms, this function will create a clone of those terms. 


Step 4: Click on Upload which will open the file for viewing.


Import Summary dialogue will categorize the terms of uploaded file for your ease. 

Added - are all terms with valid status

Updated - are all terms which are to be overwritten (only appear if you choose the option to "Overwrite")

Skipped - are invalid or duplicate records (duplicates only appear if you choose the option to "Skip" the duplicates) 

Step 5: Click on "Import" button to add and view these terms on Terms page. 


This completes the Glossary Import. 

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