Integrating Rules into batch workflow

Rules in DvSum can be executed from the UI, scheduled through the scheduler and can also be called programmatically using an API. To run a rule or set of rules through a script, you can generate a script for those rules using the Schedule Rule Menu.

The script takes the form of https://<saws address>:<saws_port>/runJob?jobId=<jobid>

The script runs the rule exactly like running from the UI or the Scheduler, with the difference being what is returned back from the script. Below is a screenshot of what is returned from the script. The 2 elements are  return_code and return_remark.




The return_code always contains 3 values

0  - PASS if rule has 0 exceptions or exceptions are less than lower bound of threshold

-1 - WARN if the rule has exceptions but exceptions are greater than lower bound but less than upper bound

-2  - FAIL if the rule has exceptions that are greater than upper bound limit.

The return_remark contains text that will provide the name of the rule additional information that you typically see in system remark field in the Rule Detail page.




This rule has threshold set between 0 - 300

Since exception are 256 which is > 0 but less than <300, the return_code is -1 as a Warning.





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