Reference Dictionary

Reference Dictionary is like a reference book containing values under predefined Subject Area. You can create your own dictionary by associating useful, organized information with it (i.e. set of values and their description). It is then helpful when DvSum validation Audits are created on the data sources. Instead of mentioning multiple data values, you can select a reference dictionary containing the list of data values.

Let’s say, a user creates a reference dictionary “Hired Personnel 2017” which contains names and hiring date (as value description) of employees that joined their organization in the year 2017.


Now a “Value Range” audit is being created on a data source where you want to make sure only hired personnel exist in a particular column. Instead of mentioning the range, you can select the reference dictionary that you created.

Now when you run the audit, it will validate your data source against these predefined values in this reference dictionary.

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