Data Assessment using Data Models and Survey

Creating an Assessment takes both the Survey and Data Models, evaluates them and generates a report where you can see the results as passed (Acceptable, Best Practice) and failed questions or fields.

Note: If you have not created a Survey or a Data model, you can read:

What are Surveys and how to create a Survey?

How do I add a Data Model?

Once you have published your Data model and submitted your Survey, you can evaluate them and see the assessment report.

Go to Assessments tab > Assessments > Create Assessment 

Here you will give the title and select the Data model and Survey. Click on Create.

The "Evaluate" button is enabled when your Data Model and survey have been published and submitted. 

Once your assessment is evaluated, you can view the report.


This report will give you detailed analysis of passed and failed Questions (Survey) and Fields (Data Model). You can also download the PDF if desired. 



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