What are Surveys and how to create a Survey?

DvSum surveys allow you to asses the Data Management Processes of your organization. Take a survey and from Assessments Section, you can convert this Survey in to a report to see the results as Passed (Acceptable, Best Practice) and Failed.

You can import the Survey Templates from the Template Marketplace and get started. For now, we are providing GDPR Survey which lets you know if your organization is GDPR Compliant or not. 

Go to Assessments tab > Surveys > Create a Survey. Import the Survey and give it a title, say, MY GDPR. 

As soon as you save it, you will be redirected to the Survey Questionnaire page. 


Once you fill out all the mandatory questions, Submit Survey button will be enabled. Then you will be able to submit your survey.

In order to evaluate your Survey and see the assessment report, read How to create an Assessment using Data Models and Survey?


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