What is a "Not-Connected DataSource"?

Not-connected sources are the ones which are not connected to the DvSum Web-service for the purposes of cataloging, profiling, executing rules or cleansing data.

If you want to create a blueprint of a source or may require to create lineage, you can select this option. This means you would manually add the tables and the columns of your source. 


Once you have added the Not-Connected Source, you can go to Profile tab >> Profiling and select your source to define the tables manually. Only for a not-connected source you will see the "Add Table" button.


When you add the table, it starts appearing in the tables drop down. 


Select this table and go to "show details" where you can define the columns manually.


You can give name to your columns and select their data-type


This completes the blueprint of your Database. 

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