Why is my SAWS not running (Status: Red Cloud)?

SAWS configured on DvSum always runs on HTTPS which sometimes uses Self Signed Certificate. This means you need to add an exception to make browser communicate with the web service.

To do that, click on the Cloud icon. It will open the list of web-services. Click on the web-service with the “Red” cloud. It will take you to the web-service page which will warn you of connection not being private. Click on “Show me advanced options” >> “Proceed to <<IP>>”.  This is an internal company connection and it is fully secure.



The reason this warning shows up because the SSL certificate generated by the stand-alone service is self-signed. This is not an issue because the communication that is happening is only between computers within the domain of your VPN connection or your company’s subnet. 

Once you click “Continue” or “Proceed”, the next page should display the Management console as in picture below. This means that your browser can now connect to the web service over a secure connection. (No need to login to DvSum SAWS Console)


On the web browser where you were accessing Dvsum, the web service icons will turn green now and you can execute our data quality functions on your data sources.

Happy Validating your Data!

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