How do my Scheduled jobs execute with MultiSaws?

If you have scheduled a job where Profiling tables or Rules are associated with multiple SAWS, the scheduler will split this job into separate jobs. Each of these jobs execute independent of the other with the SAWS they are mapped to. 

For e.g. if a job has 4 Rules to run.  2 Rules are associated with two SAWS S1 and the other with S2.

The scheduler will give this job a name and split them into two. Let’s say the Job name is JBS – 00951. It will split into JB – 00951 001 and JB – 00951 002.

JB – 00951 001 is mapped to Saws S1

JB – 00951 002 is mapped to Saws S2

This way even if S2 is not up and running, JB – 00951 001 will have no impact and it will still be executed.

Similarly for profiling of two tables associated with two SAWS, the job breaks up into two.

The job JBS-000971001 and JBS-000971002 are executed independent of each other.

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