Rest API as a Source to use CADDI Chatbots

This article describes the steps needed to configure Rest API as a source in DvSum Data Catalog (DC) to use CADDI Chatbots. 

DvSum configuration:

1. Add Source

To create a data source, navigate to Administration → Data Sources → ⊕ Add Source.

Select Rest API.

Give the source a name, and save it.


2. Configure New Chatbot

Click on "New Chatbot" which will redirect the user to the new chatbot detail page.

From the Definition tab click on the "Download sample file" button to download the sample file. Configure the workflow JSON according to the requirements and upload the file.


There will be a default prompt already being set but the user can also update the prompt of the bot accordingly. The prompt directly impacts the quality of the results.


Once the workflow JSON file is uploaded and the prompt is updated, save the chatbot.


3. Analyzing Customer data from the Train bot

Navigate to the Train bot tab and type in the question containing the customer ID. This action will bring up the relevant data of that customer. The process of asking the question and displaying the results is shown below:



The results display key facts, observations, and recommendations derived from the data. The prompt set from the Definition tab influences these results.

Insights from the data would show up in different grids that can be analyzed.

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