Sample Data and On-Premises Gateway


When a local gateway is in use and a data source is scanned, a new file is generated and stored in a folder called "scan_output". Sample data for each table is stored in a corresponding file named *_sample_data.json.



Details about locally-stored sample data

Data in scan_output folder

The sample data file is available in an encrypted format. It's saved in the folder "scan_output".
The AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding algorithm is used for symmetric data encryption.


Sample data unavailability

Sample data is normally available to DvSum users to view. Sample data becomes unavailable in the DvSum application in the following two situations.

Gateway not running

If the gateway is not in the running state, then it cannot respond to requests to display the sample data.

Solution: Restart the gateway

Certificate validation required

If the gateway is running, but it's using a self-signed certificate, then then the browser cannot establish a connection to the gateway. Certificate Validation is required in order to connect to the gateway.

Solution: Click "here" in the displayed message. Accept the self-signed certificate.



Afterwards, a manual browser refresh is required in order to view the sample data again.


Data Retention

The scan_output folder contains separate folders corresponding to all of the scans that took place. The retention policy for these folders can be configured as follows:

Edit the file

  • Set the property "dataRetentionPolicyEnabled" to "true" or "false"
  • Set the property "dataRetentionPeriodInDays" as desired


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