Error - 'File is corrupted and cannot be opened'

Issue: When attempting to open a downloaded report by clicking on the "Download report" link in Rule detail or via the link provided in the email alert, an error occurs where Excel displays the message "File is corrupt and cannot be opened."



Reason:Excel prevents opening files downloaded from the internet, impacting not just DvSum but also files from colleagues or other websites.


Resolution: Change the settings in Excel Options

Step 1: Open Excel --> Click on File --> Options

Step 2: Click on Trust Center on left menu

Step 3: Click on Trust Center Settings

Step 4: Click on Protected View

Step 5: Uncheck the first check-box

Step 6: Close Excel

Starting now, your files should open without any issues.


If changing your Trust Center settings isn't possible or you prefer not to, you can manually unblock the Excel file to open it.

Step 1: Navigate to the folder (e.g. Downloads) where the report is downloaded

Step 2: Right click on the excel file and click on Properties

Step3: Click on Unblock at the bottom of the dialog

Step4: Close dialog

Now this file can be opened in Excel.


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