Manage Users

DvSum provides features and controls for Admins/Owners on how to add and manage users. On the Manage Users page, there is a listing of added users showing Last Login, Creation Date, Start Date, Expiry Date, Lockout Date and Deletion Date. 


Add User:

When you add a new user, you have the option to set the "Start" and "Expiry Date" for that user account on which a user has no control. This means, a user will not be authorized to sign into the DvSum application before the Start Date. Similarly, a user cannot sign in after the expiry date unless the Administrator resets it.

By Default, Start Date is the current date and Expiry Date is current date + 90 days. Both the fields are editable.


Manage Users:

While users can only sign in the application within their Start and Expiry Date, you can also de-activate/activate them or delete their accounts by clicking on "More Actions". Keeping in mind that deletion does not permanently deletes a user. It will change their status to "Deleted" with their "Deletion date" populated in the user table. 

If you change the status of a deleted user to "Activate", it will treat the user as a newly added user. 

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