Manage Users

DvSum offers administrators and owners a set of features and controls for adding and managing users. The Manage Users page displays a list of added users, including details such as Last Login, Creation Date, Start Date, Expiry Date, Lockout Date, and Deletion Date.



Add User:

Upon adding a new user, you can designate the "Start" and "Expiry Date" for their account, with the user having no influence over these settings. Essentially, this implies that the user will be unable to access the DvSum application before the Start Date. Similarly, after the expiry date, the user cannot log in unless the Administrator resets it.

By Default, Start Date is the current date and Expiry Date is current date + 90 days. Both the fields are editable.


Manage Users:

Users can only sign in between their designated Start and Expiry Dates. Administrators can deactivate/activate or delete accounts via "More Actions," with deletion changing the status to "Deleted" and noting the "Deletion date" in the user table. Reactivating a deleted user treats them as a newly added user.


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