How to Navigate to Audits that Require your Attention

Reviewing Exceptions & Fixing Data

After a Rule or Audit is run, you may be responsible for reviewing and fixing data exceptions. After each Run, the status, number of Exceptions and trend for the Rule is provided. This helps prioritize where to focus, and alerts you to other actions that may need to be taken.

Navigating to Data Exceptions

If you log into the system as part of your process, you can simply click on Exceptions from your Dashboard. This navigates to Review > Analyze Rules, where the list of your Rules and their Status can be seen. The specific records and details for the Exceptions can be found by clicking the specific Rule.

You may also receive an email alert when an Audit is run, which includes a link to the Rule or Ruleset you are being asked to Review.

At any time during your process, you can also navigate to Review > Analyze Rules, to view the latest statuses for the Rules you’re responsible for, and note which ones have remaining exceptions based on the Status icon.

From this view, you can prioritize which Exceptions to review, based on the High Priority Exceptions notated with the red dot, or based on the number of Exceptions under Result, or the trend indicated under Insights.

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