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Catalog Tables and Datasets/Reports can be scanned and edited using an approval workflow in the DvSum Data Catalog. Approval workflows are configured for each data sub-domain. When an approval workflow is configured, then Data Stewards are able to edit the tables and datasets/reports and submit the changes for approval. Approvers are then able to approve or reject the updates. The Approval flow already exists in the case of Business Glossary Terms. You can click here if you would like more information about the Glossary Approval flow.


1. An administrator must enable data governance.

Administration → Account Settings → Module Settings → Governance

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2. Data domains should already be defined.  The approval workflows will be defined for a data domain.

Video Tutorial

Watch the following Video Tutorial that explains how workflow is enabled for a data domain and how a data domain can be attached with a table and dataset/reports to start the workflow process. The video further explains how one user can submit the tables and dataset/reports for approval and how they can either be approved or rejected:


Let's check the step-by-step guide on how this functionality works. So, first of all, we will be adding the data domain and then attaching the data domain to a table or catalog/report.

Adding a Domain:

Go to the Administration tab, and select "Data Domains". From the domain listing page and click on the "Add" button. 


On Add Domain form provide the Domain name, Description, and Data Steward. And then click on the "Enable Workflow" checkbox. 



This will enable the workflow for this particular domain. Choose the approvers: There can be single or multiple approvers. Further, choose the workflow type, either "Anyone can approve" or "All need to approve". 



Click on the Save button, and the domain will be saved. In the listing, it can be seen that the newly added domain will appear on the top with an icon that represents this domain has workflow enabled as shown below.


The steward who is selected while creating the Domain will be the one who will be editing the table/dataset/reports and making the changes. Then, changes will be sent for approval to the approver(s). The approver's job will be to review the changes made by the Steward and approve or reject them. 

Workflow for Tables

Workflow can be enabled for Tables by attaching a Domain for which workflow was enabled. Users can add data domain by going on to the detail page of the table from data dictionary tab:

The Data domain can be added to the table by clicking on "Edit," which opens the Edit mode of the table. The Data domain for which workflow is enabled should be added in order for the workflow process to be started:


Note: The Domain for which workflow is enabled will have the workflow symbol in front of it

Once the Domain is added, the changes will be needed to publish so that the domain is now attached to the table:

Once the changes are published for the workflow to be initiated user is required to edit the table and make any changes in the table once the change is made then in order to publish the change, the table would be required to be published by the approver.


Once the changes are made, the user can click on the "Done" button. After clicking "Done," there will be an option of "Submit for Approval". Once the user clicks "Submit for Approval," then the workflow process can be initiated, and the table will be submitted for approval.


The Submitter has the option of Cancelling the submission or otherwise waiting from the approver's end.

The approver will receive an email once the table is submitted for approval:

On the Approver's screen, the approver can "Review changes" that have been made by the submitter. All the fields will appear, and the edited ones will show up as highlighted.  compare_changes.png
If the approver wants to reject the changes, then the "Reject" button can be clicked. It will ask the user to add a reason for rejection as a comment. The changes will get rejected. 


To approve the changes, the user needs to click on the "Approve" button, and the changes that the Steward made will be approved, and the term will get Published. 


Submitting/Approving multiple Tables using Mass Update:

If there are more tables to be submitted for approval, then the user can submit them all for approval at once by using mass update:
mass_update.pngNote: In order to initiate the workflow from listing first tables should have the workflow domain and must be edited (change the data domain, add entity from mass update, or add tags).



Once the Tables are submitted for approval, the approver can approve multiple tables as well at once from the Mass update. Go to the Data Dictionary listing again, and there will be a tab "Assigned to me," which will show all the tables that are assigned to the logged-in approver. 

approver's assigned.png

From the "Assigned to me" tab, select the tables and click on mass update and from the mass update modal, click on the status field and select "Approve" and apply. This will approve all the selected tables. That's how the approver can approve multiple tables at once. 
approve_from massupdate.png

Workflow for Dataset/Reports

Datasets and Reports can be found on the Analytics Dictionary tab, and just like the tables for the workflow to be started, a data domain for which workflow is enabled should be added for the dataset or report:


Once the workflow domain is added, the user will be required first to publish the changes and then again edit the dataset/report to initiate the workflow:


Once the Dataset/Report is submitted for approval, user can see the workflow on the top right, and email will be received by the approver about the dataset/report that is sent for approval:


The approver can "Compare changes" for the dataset/report and afterward approve or reject the dataset or report. Once the approver approves the dataset/report, the dataset/report will be published 


Just like the Tables, if there are more than one dataset/reports then they can be submitted for approval through the mass update, and the approver can accept the dataset/report through the mass update:


Submitter's account


Approver's account

The overall functionality of the workflow is the same for Tables, Datasets, and reports, so for that reason, the dataset/report part is not covered like the Tables part.

How to check the Activities history of the Tables/Reports/Datasets?

On the Table/Report/Dataset detail page "Managed by" section, there will be a chat icon. Click on that, and it will show all the history of activities that have been performed on the table/report/dataset. Comments can also be added to the table/report/dataset activity.


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