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Users can execute many different tasks in DvSum Data Quality (DQ). Testing a DQ rule might take just a few seconds. But some rules could take several minutes or even longer. Therefore DQ offers the ability to "Run Online" and "Run Offline" to give users the flexibility to run jobs as required.

Executing a rule synchronously and waiting to see the results is often the most efficient way to test a new rule. Executing a long-running job in the background and reviewing the results later is sometimes preferred.



The option to "Execute Now" or "Run Offline" applies in several places.

The options are complementary and give developers the flexibility to work as they prefer.

  • Run Online - Will immediately execute the action. Note that if the user navigates to another page while the task is executing, then the task will be aborted.
  • Run Offline - Will schedule the action to run soon. Typically the task will begin execution within a few seconds. The job will be visible in the Scheduler tab (Review → Scheduler).

Source cataloging

Administration → Manage Sources


Table Profiling

Table profiling can be executed from multiple places.

Data Catalog → Table Dictionary

Profile → Profiling

Table Detail Page: 


Rule Execution

Audit → Manage Rules

Rule Detail Page:

Review → Analyze Rules


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