DvSum Web Service vs On-Premises Edge Gateway


What is Cloud SAWS?

Cloud SAWS (Cloud Source Access Without Installation) is an online connector designed to facilitate seamless connectivity to sources available online. It eliminates the need for users to install the connector locally on their machines. Cloud SAWS enables users to establish connections with various online sources, such as APIs, databases, or services, without the burden of setting up and managing local installations.

By leveraging Cloud SAWS, users can access and interact with online sources directly, streamlining the process of retrieving data or integrating with external systems. The connector is hosted in the cloud, offering convenience, scalability, and ease of use for users. They can utilize Cloud SAWS to securely connect to authorized online sources, leveraging its capabilities to fetch data, make requests, or perform desired actions without the need for local installation.

There are primarily 2 ways in which any source in Data Catalog can be authenticated which are:

  1. Cloud SAWS
  2. On-Premise Local SAWS

In this article, we will be covering the process through which any source can be authenticated using cloud saws and what are its advantages over On-premise Local SAWS.

By default when any source is added, it will be connected to Cloud SAWS so there is no extra step required for connection. But if the user chooses to authenticate using the Local Saws then they will need to enable the checkbox of On-premise Web Service.


For Configuring of Data Source (Snowflake) using On-Premise Local Saws, click here


IP Whitelisting:

For the Sources in which any Inbound Connection is not allowed or requires VPN for the connection to be made will be required to whitelist the given IP address in order to authenticate the credentials for that source. Currently, there are two sources for which IP whitelisting will be required:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server
  2. Oracle (Host selected as "qasaws.dvsum.com")

Once the IP address is whitelisted the network firewall will allow the particular connector to be able to connect with that particular source.


Before IP whitelisting



After IP whitelisting


Note: For whitelisting, users will be required to whitelist the DvSum IP where the organization's data source has been hosted. Admin of that source will be authorized to do that


After Successful Authentication, the user can choose any database and save the changes and scan that particular source to bring in the tables:





Advantages Over Local On-Premise Saws:

  1. No Prior Installations Required: In the case of Local On-premise saws, it should be locally installed and running but in the case of Cloud Saws, no installation is required.
  2. Much Faster than Local On-Premise Saws: Scans that run on Cloud Saws take less time as compared to the scan when it is run using the local on-premise saws.


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