How to Create/Assign/Remove Rule Group or Val group & Batch Scheduling

What are Rule Groups?

Rule Groups serve as categorizing "labels" for organizing your audits into meaningful groups. By applying a Rule Group label, you can categorize your Audits according to your desired grouping. Unlike folders, Rule Groups allow for multiple labels to be assigned to a single audit and vice versa, where an audit can belong to multiple Rule Groups.

How to Create a new/ Assign existing Rule Group?
In case you want to add a new Rule Group or Assign an existing one to your Audit you can do that from multiple places. 
1. Audit -> Manage Rules -> Add Rule
Adding a New Rule Group
After you have clicked on Add Rule, you will be redirected to the page where you have to fill out the details for the Rule. In the screenshot below you can see the option of "Rule Group". You can simply type in the name you want to give to the new Rule Group and press enter and the new rule will be added and assigned to your audit after you have saved it.

You can also add a new Rule Group after you have created a Rule by selecting it and adding a new Rule group separately as shown in the screenshot below
Selecting a single Rule:
Edit the rule and add a New Rule Group:
Adding single or multiple Existing Rule Groups
In case you want to add single or multiple rule groups that already exist to a new Audit you can simply select them from existing rule groups from the dropdown as shown in the screenshot above.
2. Review -> Analyze Rule -> Select Rule -> Edit
In the same way, as we added a new Rule Group and assigned existing Rule Groups in the previous example from Manage Rules, we can do it from Analyze Rules as well.
But in order to do that from "Analyze Rule", the Rule must have been run at least once for it to appear in the Analyze Rule tab.
Mass Updating Rule Groups
Mass update is another way of adding/removing and replacing single/multiple Rule groups to a single or multiple Rules. There are multiple operations that you can perform with Mass Update as follows: 
1. Adding one or multiple new Rule Groups to a single Rule
2. Adding one or multiple existing Rule Groups to a single Rule
3. Adding one or multiple new Rule Groups to multiple Rules
4. Adding one or multiple existing Rule Groups to multiple Rules
5. Replacing/ Removing one or multiple Rule Groups from a single or multiple Rules
Mass update operation can be performed from both Manage Rules and Analyze Rules:
Manage Rules:
Analyze Rule:
Batch Execution 
Batch execution is an operation that allows a user to Run a single or more Rule Groups at the same time.
Details of the Run History are shown at the bottom of the page.
You can also schedule them Via a Script by following the steps:
Select Group -> Add group -> Schedule Rule 
Next, you need to enter the following details if you want to share an email alert:
1. Internal Recipients
2. Recipient Groups
3. External Recipients
4. Click on Generate Script on the bottom right corner:
You will now receive the Script information and Dynamic Source Script in the respective blocks:
You can copy the script and use it accordingly.
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