How do I install and run SAWS as a Service? (Owners Only)


Previously, the web-service had to be manually executed for you to run DvSum rules on your Data Sources. We are now providing the feature of running SAWS as a service. You need to install and execute it once and not worry about it again. Here is how to install this new feature:

After signing in to DvSum, go to Administration > Manage Account > SAWS tab

Step 1: Click on Download button. A "Webservice" zip file will be downloaded on your system. Unzip the web service folder. The folder where you unzip will be webservice root directory.


Step 2: Click on "Add" Button. Provide the Name, Host Name (IP address where SAWS will run) and Port(default 8183) for your SAWS and Save.


This adds a SAWS for your with unique communication key by which SAWS communicate with DvSum web application and your source.


Step 3: Copy the Communication Key. Go to Webservice folder and open file. This file is present in webservice root directory folder. Set this communication key as “api.token”. Save and close the file.


Step 4: Open the Webservice folder and double-click on "saws_service_install.bat". This will ask for your confirmation and then install the SAWS on your system. 



To confirm SAWS is installed and running, go to Windows > Services and search DvSum SAWS

Now the SAWS installed on your system is also configured with DvSum application. Hence, the Red Status Cloud on > homepaeg will turn Green.


This completes the installation and configuration. Happy Validating your Data!


Note: Once the SAWS is installed, it runs as a Service. You are not required to manually start and stop it. However if you want to stop it, you can double click saws_service_stop.bat or to start again, you can double click saws_service_start.bat file.

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