How do you select the right Catalog View?

You can identify the what information you require in a view and then you can create any of the 3 DvSum Catalog views:


  1. Scope View - this view allows you to define a logical scope of data that is relevant to you. In this view, you select an existing data catalog object and then define filtering criteria and a layout (which fields and in which order) that as a user you find effective. This view can be used for all types of data sources.
  2. RDBMS View - this view allows you to define a SQL based view to join, filter multiple objects that exists in a Relational Database. (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server). Consider this view as similar to a view that you can create on a database, but don't have to. You can then interact with this view exactly like you would do to any table.

  3. SAP View - This is a specific kind of view that works with SAP-ECC and SAP-ISR data sources. This view allows you to join multiple objects inside SAP to support data profiling and analysis


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