How do you select the right Catalog View?

You can determine the information you need in a view and then create one of the following DvSum Catalog views:

  1. Scope View
  2. RDBMS View
  3. SAP View

Here is the detail of all three:

  1. Scope View:
    This view enables you to specify a logical scope of data relevant to you. You choose an existing data catalog object, set filtering criteria, and arrange fields in a layout that suits your preferences. It's a versatile view applicable to all types of data sources.
  2. RDBMS View:
    This view enables you to define a SQL-based view for joining and filtering multiple objects in a Relational Database (e.g., Oracle, SQL Server). It functions similarly to creating a database view, but without the obligation to do so. Subsequently, you can interact with this view in the same way you would with any table.

  3. SAP View:
    This view is designed for SAP-ECC and SAP-ISR data sources, allowing you to join various objects within SAP for data profiling and analysis.


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