How to Configure Excel/CSV files?

Prerequisites: Java version 7

You can configure Excel files after creating a new Source on DvSum app. But before that can be done, you have to make sure that you have “Access Database Engine” Drivers installed wherever SAWS is running (local/cloud). If you don’t, following error message will appear when trying to configure Excel/CSV file.


Follow the steps below if you require ADE drivers installed on your system

Step 1: Go to and download Microsoft Access Database Engine exe file.

Step 2: Install Access Database Engine

Step 3: Search Windows for ODBC Data Source Administrator and Click on “Drivers” tab to see if the Access and Excel drivers are installed.

Now go to DvSum Web Application and follow the steps below to configure Excel/CSV files

Step 1: Go to Manage Sources >> Add Source

Step 2: Fill out the mandatory fields with Source Type as Excel or CSV

Step 3: Enter the File System Path. It can be local or Cloud file system location. If your files are on Cloud, please ask your administrator to provide you the path.

Step 4: Click on “Save” to add the source

Step 5: Edit the source you just added

Step 6: Click on the “Configure” button appearing on the bottom left corner.

Now you can Configure the columns of the Excel sheet.


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