Why can User A see more Source Tables than User B?


A user cannot add a source, only an administrator has the right to add a new source and then grant user the permission to work on source and/or table level. This means that you will only be able to view the specific tables of a source which your administrator grants you the access to.

Take an example, If administrator adds a source, say Source XYZ which has 20 tables. Administrator gives "Source level" access to User A and "Table level" (10 tables) access to User B.

  • User A can view/configure* Source XYZ (20)
  • User B can view/configure* Source XYZ (10)

If you require to work on a data source (or tables of a data source) you do not have access to, please contact your DvSum Administrator to provide it.

*Whether a user can view, write or configure on Source level or Table level is also determined by the administrator. 



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