How Generic Data import works?

Under the administration menu, there is a Data import option that is accessible to users with an admin role. The idea behind Data import is that if the user has bulk data for any data asset ( Glossary, Data dictionary, Analytics, Fields & Lineage), then the user can load the data in the dvsum application using Excel files. Users can import up to 50,000 records through a .xls, .xlxs, or .csv file. Let's see how Data import work.

Watch this quick video tutorial on how Generic Data import works in application.

However, you can also follow these instructions as well:

Step 1: 

Select the Data import menu option under the Administration tab, Now click on any data asset name:


Step 2:

Now Download the sample file and fill in the data in the downloaded file:





Upload the sample file to import the data in the application, by default Update Existing Records button would be enabled for the Data dictionary:

NOTE: User can Add New Records for Business glossary and Lineage only.


Users can Find existing records on the basis of Table ID or Source Name, Table. Then click on Next Button. 

NOTE: By Default "Don't update empty values" would be checked, so if uploaded file contain empty values,  it will not get updated in the dvsum application mceclip8.png

Step 2.1:

Users can also download data from the listing page and import the downloaded file using Data import:



Step 3:

Fields from the uploaded file will get mapped with Field in dvsum. Mapped Tab will show all fields which are mapped. Once All Required Fields are mapped. Users can Click on Import button and start import


To Map a single field, user can the use the dropdown option available in Fields in the Dvsum column. Similarly to remove a single field, the user can use the remove icon available for the field.

For bulk action, the user can use Reset Field Mapping & Apply Auto mapping buttons.


Step 4:

A success screen will be shown to the user when the file is imported successfully.

  • I'm Done Button will redirect the user to the Data import step1.
  • Go to Dictionary button will redirect the user to the respective dictionary listing page. 


Step 5:

After 3-5 minutes the user will receive an email with a complete summary of imported Data. Users can also download the summary of uploaded data using the Download button.




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