How to do Target Scan of Data Sources


How do you limit your scan to specific schemas?

First, some source needs to be added and configured into Dvsum. Once it is configured and authenticated, a Database field appears which will have a list of all the Databases. Here you need to select a database that is to be targeted for the scan.



Once the database is selected, next we need to target some specific schemas in order to scan them. For that, we can target our scan to specific schemas which will just scan and fetch the metadata from selected schemas. 

If you want to scan all the schemas that are available in your selected database then from the connection settings tab of a source, keep the checkbox of "Limit to specific schemas" unchecked, save and scan the source it will scan all the schemas. 


Whereas if just specific schemas are needed to be scanned then check the "Limit to specific schemas" checkbox and select the specific schemas that are to be scanned. Single, as well as multiple schemas, can be selected for scanning. 



DvSum supports different Data Sources including RDBMS sources which are Oracle, Snowflake, My SQL, SQL Server, Azure SQL, & Azure Synapse, and different Reports related sources including Tableau & Power BI. We have articles for each of these sources which contain a step-by-step guide on how each source can be added and configured into the application. So for that, you can click on each source mentioned above and it will redirect you to the respective articles.




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