Configure Azure SQL or Azure Synapse Analytics


This article explains how to configure your Azure SQL database or Azure Synapse Analytics service as a source in DvSum Data Catalog. To follow along you'll need a login to DvSum and connection credentials to your database which allow read access to the data source.

Detailed Steps

Add Source

Navigate to Administration → Data Sources.

Click "⊕ Add Source" to begin the wizard.


Select the appropriate Data Source type, name your data source, then save. Your data source has now been created, but it must still be configured.

Configure Source

The connection tab will automatically open when you save the data source. You can navigate directly to configure a source as follows: 
Administration → Data Sources → Settings → Connection

Click "Edit" and configure your connection details. 

Most DvSum customers connect using the DvSum web service. See the note at the end of this article for the less common case of using a DvSum Edge Gateway Web Service installed on premises.


Enter your connection information, then click "Authenticate".

After authenticating, the Database and Schemas fields will appear and will automatically populate. Select a database. Optionally select schemas. Then be sure to click "Done" in the upper right corner. Click "Save" to complete the process.

Scan source

Navigate to Administration → Data Sources → Scan History.

Click "Scan Now" to run an initial scan of your data source.

The scan will progress from Scheduled to Running to Completed.


After the scan completes, click on the Scan Name to open the Scan Summary.


The Scan Summary displays all the insights of the scan.


Review Data Dictionary

Navigate to the Data Dictionary menu.

The "Recently Refreshed" tab provides a convenient shortcut to find the recently scanned tables.



Watch this quick video tutorial on how to add and configure an Azure Data Source into DvSum app.


Additional Resources

Read more about DvSum Web Service (Cloud SAWS)

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