How to Use Global Filters

In the Data Catalog application, users have the catalog of all the sources, but when users want to look into the details of certain sources and data domains, they have to apply filters again and again on different sections in the application to view the desired data so in order to save the time and effort we have Global filter where users can choose the sources and data domains as user settings at the global level to view the data in the application.



How to apply Global Filters:

To apply global filters navigate to the My settings Page, Select the Data sources and Data Domain that you want to add as Filter, and click on the save button. 



Global filter will be applied on Enterprise search, Listing pages ( Data Dictionary, Analytics Dictionary, Field Dictionary & Business glossary), and Home page. Let's see each one by one:

Enterprise Search

When users search any keyword using enterprise search, a global filter would be applied to selected Data sources and domains. Global filters will applicable on all tabs ( Tables, columns Terms, Model,s and reports) of enterprise search. 

NOTE: The user can also apply other filters available in enterprise search.


Listing Pages:

On Listing pages ( Data Dictionary, Analytics Dictionary, Field Dictionary & Business glossary) global filters gets applied and results will be shown on the basis of filters. Users can remove the Filter using the Clear All button.


Home Page:

When global filters settings are turned on, Feed on the home page will be shown on the basis of global filters. 



Note: Users can turn off the global filter anytime by un-checking the global filter flag for Data sources and data domains on the My settings page. Filter will not get applied on Enterprise Search, Listing pages and Home page



Watch this quick video tutorial on how to apply and use Global filters in the DvSum app.

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