Executing the rule API via ADF

Rules in dvsum can be executed using the azure data factory. To run a rule or set of rules through a script, you can generate a script for those rules using the Schedule Rule Menu.

The script takes the form of https://<saws address>:<saws_port>/runJob?jobId=<jobid>

Users can generate the script for the rule and use the script URL to execute the rule. Let's get started step by step:

Step 1: Open the Dvsum application, go to Audit >> Manage Rules >> select any existing rule >> click More action >> select Schedule Rule as shown below:


Step 1.1: Dynamic Source Script Generation 

Go to Generate Script tab and click on the button at the bottom to generate the script as shown below;



Step 1.2: A job is created against the rule. Now go to the main scheduler page, search the rule, and a newly created job will be visible with a description and status as “stand by”.


Step 2: Go to Azure Data Factory and paste the copied URL in api call. Click on Debug button to start the execution.



Step 2.1: Once the execution is completed. it will print the remarks in API call output same as shown on the rule detail page in Dvsum.



On the Scheduler page, the job status changes to "Completed".



The return_code always contains 3 values

  • 0  -> PASS if a rule has 0 exceptions or exceptions are less than the lower bound of the threshold
  • -1 -> WARN if the rule has exceptions but exceptions are greater than the lower bound but less than the upper bound
  • -2 -> FAIL if the rule has exceptions greater than the upper bound limit.

The return_remark contains text that will provide the name of the rule and additional information that you typically see in the system remark field on the Rule Detail page.

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