How to create Governance Views


DvSum enables users to create views on the Data Dictionary, Field Dictionary, Analytics Dictionary, and Business Glossary. Let's begin exploring this functionality.

Create View:

Navigate to the Data Dictionary option in the left menu. This will take the user to the Data Dictionary listing page, where the Default Table view is initially shown. Choose the option to create a view of your preference.

On the "Create View" page:

  • Provide view name
  • Add/remove column for the view
  • Specify criteria

Note: The user will not be able to Edit/ Share and Save the default view. These buttons will remain disabled.


The columns available in the current view will be automatically pre-selected.



Clone View:

To create a clone of any view, users can click on the Edit pencil icon next to the view name. This action will reveal the clone button, allowing users to duplicate the selected view.





Share View:

The view can be shared with other users by granting "Editor" or "Viewer" access.

  • Users with "Editor" access have the capability to Edit, Clone, Delete, Share, Save, and Export operations with a view.
  • Users with "Viewer" access can perform Share, Save, and Export operations with a view.




Saved View:

The saved view will appear in the "Favourites" section of the views drop-down.



Delete View:

To delete a particular view, click on the Edit button, and you will find a delete button available.




Export View:

Simply click on the download button, and users can download the records available in the grid as an Excel file.


Watch this quick video tutorial of how to create Governance Views:

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