How to create Governance Views

Now user will be able to create view(s) on Data dictionary / Field dictionary / Analytics Dictionary and Business glossary. Let's start looking into this. 

Create View:

Select the Data Dictionary option from the left menu. The user will land on Data dictionary listing page. The Default Table view will be displayed. Select the option to create a view of your own choice. Once create view page is displayed:

  • provide view name
  • add/remove column for the view
  • specify criteria

Note: The user will not be able to edit/ Share and Save the default view. These buttons will remain disabled.


Columns available in the current view will be pre-selected.


Clone View:

Users can create a clone of any view by Clicking on the Edit pencil icon with the view name. And clone button will be available.




Share View:

The view can be shared with the users by providing "Editor " and "Viewer" access. 

  • Users with Editor access can perform Edit, Clone, Delete, Share, Save, and Export operations with a view
  • Users with Viewer access can perform Share, Save, and Export operations with a view.



Saved View:

The saved view will be shown in the Favourites section of the views dropdown.


Delete View:

To delete any particular view, click on the Edit button. A delete button will be available.



Export View:

Click on the download button and user can download the record available in the grid in an Excel file.


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